Convert invoice to recurring (like purchases)

Hello @Glenn,

Thought it would be a nice feature to implement, converting an invoice to a recurring invoice, much in the same way as you’ve implemented for converting a purchase into a recurring purchase.


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It would be useful I agree. I know you can convert estimates to recurring invoice templates so it would probably make sense to allow invoices to be converted. Unfortunately I can’t provide a timescale but we will consider this.

Did the “convert invoice to recurring” question receive any priority. It doesn’t seem to make much sense not to offer this feature as it is perfect for service based organisations based on a membership or recurring fee model.


Not as yet, although I will see if I can move this a long. I can’t promise anything as we have quite a few different areas we’re looking at right now.

@leyton @applestone

This option is now available for all invoices in the more options menu.

Hope that helps!

Excellent feature will save me a deal of time in our setup

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