Convert Quickfile Ltd Company account type to Sole Trader?

When I created my QF account, I owned a limited company but now I’ve scaled things back, closed the Ltd company and now I’m a Sole Trader. Is there much difference between the QF Sole Trader version and Ltd Company version (selected at QF account creation)? i.e. do I need to switch the account type to use QF to best effect as a Sole Trader?

Many thanks in advance for your advice!

You would need a new account. The company format and soletrader format does vary in terms of nominal codes available.

Are you aware of how to transfer your things over to a new account?

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The financial records for a Limited company and a Sole Tradership need to be kept completely separate from one another, so a new account is the way to go.

When you’ve created your new account if you let me know I can automatically copy over your client and supplier records.

Thanks Parker1090 & Glenn

Will let you know Glenn when I’ve created the new account

New account created Please email direct if you want me to send you the account number.

Many thanks.

Thanks for the offer, Glenn. I’m not used to forums and how to PM - got your PM and replied by email… but see now that I should have made a PM reply (but can’t work out how!). Anyhow, in the event there were so few customers and suppliers in the old account that I’ve manually copied them over. Thanks for the offer and for your speedy communication. You are a credit to Quickfile!

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No problem, glad to help!

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