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Convert to Comment Line on Invoice

Hi there seems to be a problem with convert to comment line function on an invoice.
No matter what you set the category to it defaults back to General Sales.
This is also causing a problem in the P&L reports as the invoice shows up in two places, the General Sales
and the nominated Nominal Code for the Invoice Item.

Please advise?


Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

The line defaulting to general sales is correct behaviour. It has no value or impact on the P&L, so the category in itself doesn’t affect your reporting.

However, we are aware of a bug regarding it creating the entry in that nominal where the invoice doesn’t use it elsewhere.

But we appreciate you letting us know :slight_smile:

Ok, are you working to correct this, or is this just something we have to live with and be aware of?

The line displaying in the P&L with zero value is a bug, and we are working to resolve this.

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Hopefully some constructive info to pass on,
look out for the fact that Invoices become locked after submitted V.A.T. Return,
so I don’t know if this will stop users from correcting this bug once fixed, unless its done your end for them?