Converting QuickFile accounting categories to HMRC Corporation Tax computations

I’m a little confused in converting expense categories in QuickFile to those used in the corporation tax calculations on the HRMC CT600 computations. In particular, it’s not clear to me where I should allocate the fees for setting up the company (registering with Companies House, etc.) and monthly accountant fees; it seems as though they could equally go in CP36, Administrative and Office Expenses; CP19, Accountancy and audit; or CP21, Legal and professional charges. I’ve used the latter for company set up, and CP19 for accounts, but am not sure if this should all go into CP36, since it is all admin. Can anyone advise?

You can’t put the fees associated with setting up the company as an expense. It isn’t a company expense since the company had not been incorporated when you paid those fees. So perhaps you should re do your accounts first.

Accountant fees go under accountancy fees or professional fees.

Don’t use the online CT600 as I use agent software so only speculating.

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