Coop Bank Feed - CSV import fields

I am struggling with Coop bank feeds. I have just imported the statements for this quarter but the descriptions of each transaction are missing. Any ideas please? Thanks

Hi @Nogoodatbooks

Can I just clarify that this is a CSV import?

Yes it is. I have used ‘other’ instead of Coop as suggested last time. But the mapping I used last time doesn’t work! It did work last time I hasten to add

Is there a number I can ring please?

It may be worth opening the file itself (the CSV file) in something like Notepad or similar, to view the actual content. At a guess, I’d say co-op has changed something in the file itself in regards to the format. Did it look all OK when you tried mapping the columns?

If you’re still struggling however, we can take a look at the file for you in a private message. Just let me know and we’ll start a private message with you.

Unfortunately we don’t offer telephone support.

Last time all I had to do was clarify that the debits and credits were only in one column. I did this again and worked on sales yesterday as it all comes from one source. It wasn’t till I started tagging purchases that I realised the descriptions were missing this time. I have managed to remap and have just found the descriptions but alas I have duplicated all the transactions in the process. I think the only option I have now is to delete all the duplicates and start again. I am sure QuickFile is great but trying to use it with Coop bank is a nightmare!

We’d love to offer an Open Banking feed for the Co-op, but unfortunately they don’t offer one. This would certainly make things much easier in terms of importing transactions.

Let me send you a private message and get some account details from you, and we’ll take a look at what can be done here.

Thank you Mathew - that would be great :pray:

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