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Copied purchase ignores supplier's terms

We have a supplier whose default terms is set to 14 days rather than the default of 30 days.

When we make a copy of an existing purchase for this supplier, the supplier’s terms are ignored and the payment due date is set to 30 from the receipt date.

It works OK if the supplier on the purchase is modified and reselected, but has a side effect of clearing the VAT rates. It also works OK if a new purchase is created for that supplier. Sales invoice terms seem to work correctly when copied, so it just an issue on purchases that are copied.

The issue also appears if you modify a existing purchase. The supplier’s terms are ignored if you change the receipt date.

Hi @John6

I’ve not been able to replicate this when copying an invoice - are you able to give me a few steps to ensure I’m looking in the right place please?

I did however manage to replicate it when modifying a purchase, so I’ve logged this with our development team.

Hi @QFMathew,

Invoices work as expected. It’s just purchases that seem to have the issues. Apologies if my post wasn’t clear.

As you said it happens when modifying a purchase. Or if you copy an existing purchase by clicking “Make a copy” under “More Options” when viewing the existing purchase.

Sorry @John6 - certainly not you being clear, more of me! It was a purchase invoice I tried, but when using the “Make a Copy” from the invoice itself, or from the purchase overview screen, both copied fine.

That said, having gone back in and tried it, I can see that although it copied fine, changing the issue date causes the same issue. Leave this with me for now.

Hi @John6,

A fix for this has now gone live. So everything should be working as expected.

Please let us know if you still experience any issues.


Hi @QFBeth,

Works perfectly now. Many thanks.

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