Copying data structures to another QF account

I suspect the answer to this will be no :slightly_frowning_face: but worth asking!

i have a QF account which works great. I am setting up another QF account for a different company and it would be really helpful if I could restore the data from the first into the new account to replicate all the structures and data. It would be quicker to delete the data and edit stuff than to set it up from scratch :flushed:

Hello @Chris7

Sadly no, We can only copy suppliers, clients and contacts.

With regards to structure:
If the type of business (e.g. Limited) is the same during setup they would have the same starting nominal structure. You would need to add additional codes.

You can run a backup of your data to export information

You can import the following via Account > Settings >Import Date


I have attached some links below to help

Thanks Steve - I thought that would be the case. It isn’t actually the records, but things like the nominal account structure; invoice layout, standard email templates etc.

It is like when you change your PC - I have everything perfect on the old one (but it has taken 2 years to get there) and now I have to start all over to get the new one set up :face_holding_back_tears:

Hello @Chris7

I know what you mean.
I haven’t had many queries on this personally.
You could post a feature request for this on the open forum. That way other users could vote on it and we could gauge the response.

Noooo even I wouldn’t make it a feature request :laughing: - I would rather have an ability to split one payment between 2 customers, again its too niche for most to want, but we have owners who own several flats. They send one payment to cover 4 flats which we then have to manually split and apportion. Each flat has to be a different customer

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