Correcting a filed VAT return

Hi all help needed please

I’ve submitted VAT return for the period March- May and this now appears to have rolled back? (Filed) what does this mean?

I wanted to make a change and it doesn’t appear to allow this and no facility?

Many thanks

Hello @Mazza

Under MTD vat you can not make changes to returns once they are have been submitted.

Any corrections would need to be made on the next return.

If you have rolled back you will need to save a copy of the return (with the submitted figures) as a placeholder so the periods transactions are not included in the next return.

To do this

  • Undo any corrections you have made which would affect the figures
  • Go to Reports > Vat Returns > Settings > Set the HMRC account to No electronic filing > Save
  • Generate the return again for the period > Save
  • Set the HMRC account back to your company in your vat settings

You can make any necessary corrections to be picked up on you next return for example if an invoice should not have been included you can credit it off and re raise it correctly (the credit and new invoice would then show on your next return correcting the submitted figures).

Hi thanks for that it’s a clear as mud to me Haha! (Nurse)

I will print a copy of the return and ask the accountant to check I’ve filed correctly on the next return

Many thanks


Hooray! I’ve sorted it.