Correcting a VAT error

I started using Quicklinks from the start of my most recent accounting year - Nov.1 2018. I have just discovered that I claimed a VAT refund on an ineligible item in the previous year. Thus I need to create a new ledger entry that is pure VAT. I’ve no new sale or purchase to record; I just need to repay approximately £1,100 of VAT and as I’m using Quicklinks to do my VAT returns for hereon (I’ve also signed up for the MTD pilot) I need to record this now. However, the ‘sales’ invoice page doesn’t allow me to record ‘0’ in the price column and ‘1100’ in the VAT column. Can you help please

Hi @kieran

You would need to use 2 separate lines for it to become a “VAT only” invoice.

This post may help, as another user explains the process in relation to an insurance payment: Claiming VAT Element of Insurance claim

Great. thanks. i appreciate the advice

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