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Corrupted Year end files

We are a charity account No 6131493504. The P & L Account does not agree with balance sheet as at our year end 30/09/19. The year end routine is picking up 2 years balances to transfer into retained earnings. I cannot trace what event created this bug. Can you advise? Thanks William

Hi William_Feeny,
I’m afraid I can not help you with your problem but it is maybe not the best idea to post your a/c number.

Did you check that the dates on both reports are the same, see below?

Yes the dates are the same for each of the reports I generate.

Hi @William_Feeny

Did you close of the previous years? As you mentioned it’s pulling in 2 years worth of data, I’m wondering if the year end process was run for 2018?

Hi Matthew. Yes I closed off the prior year. I cannot wait as I have a deadline. I have dropped the Trial Balance from 30 Aug to excel (I had saved it) and entered all sep data into excel manually. I have looked at the Year end journal and I will not be able to process it. Thanks William

I’ll send you a private message so we can take a look. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.

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