Create link to search a document folder

We have created a folder within document managed called Customer-Contracts. How would we create a menu link to bring up only the search results each time.

Basically trying to find an easy way of storing customer agreements in quick

file and to pull them up with one click.

Hi @danmills

I don’t believe this is possible at the moment. However, I have asked a colleague to take a look and confirm. We’ll come back to you shortly, although this may be Tuesday due to the bank holiday.

There is a way to do this, and I’ll certainly try to walk you through it as it’s not 100% clear (I’ll ask our development team to review this).

You can add p=/xxxxx to the end of the web address where xxxx is the folder name in lower case and without spaces. For example:

“Bank Letters” becomes p=/bankletters
“My-Folder” becomes p=/my-folder

So if you wanted to view your Customer-Contracts folder, you would go to:

You can also add that as a link to your left hand bar if you wish to directly access it too.

A suggestion I put in some time ago would produce the result that Dan is looking for as well as make a really useful tool.
The search parameters entered by the user to filter the current view could be saved when the “Add Link” feature is chosen.
I don’t know how big a job that would be to set up, but it would be a fabulous addition.

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@danmills @TruSpeed - Just a quick update to let you know that this is now visible in the web address. So if you click on a folder name (e.g. ‘Remittance Slips’) the web address will change, and you can now save this to the left hand menu if you wish.