'Create New Supplier'

I’m new to QuickFile and need some advice. I have tried to set up the New supplier, ‘Expense: Approved Mileage’. However I do not have all the required boxes that the help page shows at stage one. There is no VAT box, default currency box etc and without these I am assuming that the mileage will not be calculated. I am probably missing something very simple can anyone please assist, many thanks

Hi @JohnShiels

The options available depend on how you’re account is set up. For example, if you’re not VAT registered, you won’t be able to set the VAT rate. Similarly, if you don’t have multi-currency set up, you won’t be asked for the default currency.

This is a screen from a test account without VAT enabled and without multi-currency enabled:

If it looks like this, it’s perfectly fine - you just don’t need to specify those particular options.

I hope that helps!

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