Creating a new bank feed

We have been using QF for invoices mainly for a couple of years. We now want to use it for going digital with the tax. Our bank feed comes across from HSBC but is massively out by thousands due to never reconciling the statements with QF. My questions are - Can I create a new account for our HSBC account to feed across to so we can begin the new financial year with a fresh start. We can then reconcile the bank statements against QF to make sure things are correct? Will QF allow me to create another account with the same sort code and account number when I already have that feed live?

the sort code and bank account numbers are only for you as a reference. If you don’t use the feed on your “current” account, then it shouldn’t be a problem to open another HSBC bank account within quickfile and connect the live-feed to your bank. Also remember to add a opening balance for that account from the day just before the feed becomes “live”. You can do that in your bank account settings

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We already have a feed going to the current account. (which is way out on balance) QF wont let me open a new account with the same number. I basically need to swap my live HSBC feed onto a duplicated current account so I can start a fresh from April

Rather than starting afresh with a new bank account, could you not just create a one-off manual transaction on the existing account to bring the balance back into line and then continue with the existing account? Obviously you’ll need to account for that difference somehow but then if you create a brand new bank account with an opening balance then you’ll have to account for that somehow too.

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