Creating a purchase invoice

Hi, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere as a newbie- i have tried searching.
Is there any way to automatically create a purchase from an invoice to a customer.
For example, I am using quickfile for my Aviation Medicals business. So I know that if I invoice for ECG reporting, I am also purchasing that service and will have to pay a fee to a cardiologist. So ideally when I add ECG reporting to my invoices, I would create a purchase invoice for the fee I pay to the cardiologist - is it possible to automate that process?
Thanks for any pointers.

No afraid not. You’d have to create the purcahae at the same time.

Not directly but there is an API which you could utilise. Would be handy if Zapier integration was extended, would be reasonably trivial if Zapier was connected to the full range of API options.

Thanks I will have a look at that.

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