Creating my own Quickfile account whilst being a Client of different Quickfile account


I am writing on behalf of a client (on a personal level, Quickfile software is not involved yet). They are a client of Quickfile account of a specific company. I have went on signing up a Quickfile account of my client (sole trader) using their only email which would be shared as a Client under the X company and their own Quickfile account. When I received the email after inputting my client’s email address I didn’t get a prompt to create their Quickfile account but only a link to access the X company as a Client.

How can I create my client’s own Quickfile account whilst they also have login details as a Client under company X?

Thank you,

Hi, you can have your email only on one quickfille account. If you would like to be able to login to two or more quickfille accounts you would need 2 or more different email addresses. That said, with most email account providers you can have alias (different email addresses under one login)

Hope this helps

That’s good to know. I’ll use an alias.


Each email address can only be a team member or admin on one QuickFile account but it can be a client on any number of others. As long as you’re not already an admin on another account you should be able to set a new one up under your main address.

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