Creating new invoice changes hourly rate by 1p

I’ve tried creating an invoice but when I go to preview it the rate has adjusted by 1p, I’ve created three different invoices and still go the same issue. Even if I go back and amend and then preview again it does not update?

On messing around with this if the rate is £30 it drops to 29.99, if it’s 30.01 it stays at that?! It also only changes if the quantity is 164.5335…

Hello @james_brightley

Would you be able to provide some sample data we could use to try and replicate this please? For example, what values are you entering for the unit, quantity, VAT rate and VAT amount (if you even edit this).

If you could give us a few steps too, that would be really helpful.

Hi @QFMathew,

I just entered a rate of £30.00 and a quantity of 164.5335. No VAT. Saved it and it altered the rate to £29.99


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