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Creating new suppliers while creating bank tagging rules

When I create a new bank tagging rule I can’t create a supplier if one doesn’t already exist. To do that I need to go to Suppliers area. It would be nice if I could just create a supplier without all this back-and-forth.

I think the only concern would be clogging up the interface too much. But, I’d guess if enough demand is seen then QuickFile will look at it as they do with the vast majority of feature requests.

How would the supplier’s name be derived from a single bank entry?

May just be me, but I read it as creating a new supplier from the same screen rather than automatically creating one from a bank entry?

For example, if I opened a new account, I could create one ‘PayPal*’, and create a new supplier for ‘PayPal’ there too, rather than going into suppliers, creating new, and then going back to bank tagging? Although I may have the wrong end of the stick!

I don’t mean to automatically create a new supplier from the bank feed but rather be able to open a supplier creation window, create the supplier name, and then have the name applied to the feed entry.

Has this ever been updated? I would like to be able to have the option to add new supplier when I’m creating a new bank rule for the same window.

Hi @nigel0161,

No, there hasn’t been an update with this, but we will make sure that this topic is updated should anything change in the future :slight_smile: