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Credit card and bank feeds

Hi - I’m considering Quickfile but need to be sure of the credit card feeds as I’m considering options for business credit card which I use for business expenses. Which credit cards are supported and which integrations work particularly well with Quickfile?

Secondly, I have just opened a business account with Starling - how good is the integration to Starling?

Hi @cjsmithuk

Firstly - Starling works well with QuickFile. We provide a live feed, so transactions will appear as soon as they take place, just like they do on the app.

We support a number of credit cards through Yodlee feeds, such as Barclaycard. Is there a particular card you’re looking for?

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Thanks Matthew

I’ve taken a look at Amex, Barclaycard and HSBC Commercial although the temptation is go to with something more innovative - such as Expend… or even the Apple Card when it comes out.

Hi @cjsmithuk,

Amex, Barclaycard and HSBC commercial are all available through Yodlee. I have checked Expend and this is not currently available for the banking feed.

Hope this helps?