Credit card bank feed duplicates bank transaction for payment

I have bank feeds on my main bank account and also on a Halifax credit card. The card balance is automatically cleared by direct debit to the bank account. When this happens, the bank feed generates a transaction, but the credit card account also generates a transaction. They are duplicates, since there is only one transaction that affects the two accounts. Is there any way to avoid this, or is the only solution to delete one of them?

You mean tagging the amount on the bank feed creates a new transaction on the credit card account? Is this a tagging rule or do you do it manually? Do the dates not match here? Quickfile should check for duplicates before manually tagging.

Yes, the Starling Bank feed is generally much faster than the Halifax credit card. So I manually tag the bank entry as a transfer, which creates a payment in the credit card account. But then the Halifax feed creates another payment for the same amount.

Don’t instantly tag it then, wait for the transaction to appear on the credit card account.

Hi counterpoint,
In addition to Lurch it is maybe also worth to check/change the settings in your “Advanced Settings” section. Under “Period Within Which to Check
Bank Import Duplicates” you can set the days to look for duplicates. You may want to set this to 2 or 3 days.

Hope this helps

Thanks Lurch and rhc for your helpful suggestions.


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