Credit card payments

Hi, Ive paid a couple of suppliers using credit card and it is not in my credit card accounts summary.

Does it not automatically update the credit card payments when you pay a supplier, like it does when you pay by bank transfer it automatically goes into the current account banking summary?


When you say they paid by credit card, which merchant were you using to collect payment? PayPal, Stripe etc?

I don’t see any payment processors configured on your account.

Wrong way round I think there Glenn.

Hi Gelnn, yes it is the wrong way round, i paid a supplier by credit card, it doesnt show in my credit card account balance thing on quickfile. If i pay a supplier by bank transfer it automatically goes into my current account page on quickfile

I also have another issue with credit notes, should i start a new topic?

Yes please, every query should be posted under it’s own topic, it makes the forum easier for others to search and find answers.

The credit card account is a bank account in Quick File, items will only feature under this account if you post the payment there. Setting the payment method is different, this is just for information purposes, for a purchase payment to feature under the credit card account you’d need to select this account in the bank drop down menu not the payment method menu.

Im not sure i understand, if when i post that i have paid a supplier through the supplier add a purchase* option it automatically end up in the bank current account, if i then add it to the credit card page under the banking menu then will that not show on the accounts twice? Or is that credit card page more like and info page that doesnt link?

Also if i pay the credit card from the bank account it shows up in the credit card account, so it logs payment from me to an operator in the current account and then it deducts more money when i log that i pay the credit card so in effect im what looks like paying the same amount twice.

Im no accountant so perhaps im doing it incorrectly?

It will go into whatever bank account you specify here:

This can be any account list in your banking area. If you’re paying a purchase from a credit card you should change the paid from bank account to Credit Card. When you pay the balance off your credit card you should initiate a transfer from the bank current account to the credit card account.

You may want to refer to the following post for guidance on credit cards:

ok thank you, now i understand

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