Credit higher than purchase invoice due to exchange rate

We have received a credit that is marginally higher than a previous purchase invoice due to exchange rate differences. Quickfile doesn’t allow the credit to be applied, as it only allows lower values. What is the easiest way in achieving this? Thanks

Ideally, switch on multi currency mode and redo the purchase so it is recorded in the foreign currency rather than in GBP, and the original payment as a cross-currency payment. Then you’ll be able to credit the foreign currency purchase in full in that currency, but set the GBP amount if the refund came to a GBP bank account, and QuickFile will handle the exchange rate gain for you.

Though if this is just a one off it might be simpler just to credit the GBP purchase in full (which will create “money in” on your bank account for the original GBP amount) then manually add another transaction for the excess and tag that “something not on the list” to currency charges. This more or less replicates what QuickFile would do by default in multi currency mode except that it’d probably apportion things slightly differently between the purchase and currency charges codes, but the net result would be the same.

Thank you. I haven’t used the multi-currency yet, but I’ll look to do that in the future, but your second solution will work for a one off.

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