Credit Note against VAT locked invoice

I have been issued with a credit note against an old invoice that has been locked by vat return.
The payment for that invoice which was issued in August last year has just been paid today, and the credit note applied.
How do I tag the payment? It will include the old invoice and the credit note. Invoice was £88.08 credit note £32.06 total paid which will show on bank statement £56.02

Hi @Karen_Davis

Can I just confirm that you paid the invoice last August, and a credit note has been issued so you’ve made a full payment against the remaining balance of £56.02. Is that correct?

Create a credit note on the QuickFile side from the invoice preview screen (under “more options”) and you should have the option to “reduce unpaid balance”. Then you can log payment for the remainder in the normal way - if you’re logging the payment by tagging from the bank then it won’t find the purchase immediately but if you select the “pay down multiple…” option and select the supplier it should show up with the correct outstanding balance.

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No The invoice was issued last August, paid today.

No problem. @ian_roberts’ method would have been what I would have replied with :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you need further help and I’ll try and post some screenshots up for a bit more direction.

Ok thank you both, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Yay, worked perfectly.
Many thanks

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