Credit note duplicated

Hoping someone can help me here…I have just started using QF and don’t have a lot of experience with accounts in general
I purchased goods to the tune of £412.70. A refund of £18.70 has been sent back to my bank account.

I followed a post on the forum on how to put in a refund but have ended up with it being credited twice which means my account is in credit £18.70 more than it should be. I

I untagged the second payment hoping to delete the payment but can’t figure out how to do that and don’t want to delete the transaction in case it causes further issues

Can anyone shed a glimmer of light,


Just delete this last entry by pressing red cross

Thanks for the speedy response…if I delete the transaction as suggested will it also delete the payment putting the balance back to what it should be?

Deleting an untagged transaction is fine, it won’t affect anything else. The tagged one “CREDIT FROM …” is the one that is linked to the payment.

It worked!!

Thanks to everyone for your help.


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