Credit Note help

I need help on a credit issue.
The issue is a little hard to explain. as I have 2 invoicing systems.
System 1 is done by my supplier to the client and I import them to quickfile for accounting purpose.
Now the issue is that the invoice created by system 1 is actually a credit and I couldn’t import it.
The service was for £37.99 and the unused service was a credit of £88.29. Creating a total credit of £60.36
If I try and create an invoice with the service and the credit, it becomes a credit note and wants to know where I credited from. This then means I have 2 credits in the banking as I’ve manually paid the client from my bank account and imported this to my bank.
How do I do this?

Hi @ultraview

Where does this credit come from? Has it been given to you as goodwill, or is it a refund against a previous invoice?

I’m just trying to understand the situation to suggest the best method of recording it in QuickFile

I think you need to delete the imported credit and let Quickfile create the credit from the invoice as you enter it. You could possibly split the single invoice into separate invoices/credit notes and tag them separately to the relevant bank transactions.

I must admit I am not 100% clear on what you are doing though as it’s difficult to follow your post, especially as the figures don’t seem to add up.

Let me try to explain.
The suppliers invoice to my customer has both a service charge and a credit charge so the total invoice become a credit.
I have directly paid the credit to my client from my bank account, so when I look at my bank account in quickfile there is money out that needs to be tagged.
This is where the issue there is no real invoice as if I create the invoice exactly as the suppliers invoice it is a negative number and quickfile turns it to a credit note. I have to then tell quickfile where the credit it from. At that point I then have 2 identical outgoings one tagged and one untagged.
What do I do?

Delete the untagged one and everything will balance up fine.

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