Credit note No2 same invoice

Hi Glen,
I have already partly credited a paid invoice, but now I need to add another credit to that same invoice. However system won’t allow me to add another credit on the same invoice.
Your help would be appreciated.

Hello @jojo

Are you receiving any errors when trying to do this? Is there still a balance on the invoice?

I’ve just tested it on my account just to be sure it’s working, and I’ve created 2 credit notes all Ok. This was my example:

Because it’s partially paid, you should be presented with an option to select what you want to refund - either the outstanding balance or part of the paid balance:

In my example, I created two refunds (crediting the paid balance), but held one of them on account:

If you could share any more information about the situation, like what the previous credit note was, and what errors you’re seeing, we’ll certainly try to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
The original invoice was paid in full £63.53 and then I did a small refund (credit)
But now I need to refund another small amount, but there is no option under the more options tab
as yours is showing above.
Only these options;

Credit Note
Show revision history
View as Delivery Note
Make a Copy
Create recurring profile
Show nominal ledger entries
Delete this invoice

If I select ‘credit note’ it just pulls up the original credit note that I made, but I need to add another credit note.
thanks for any input.

The “Credit Note” option should bring up a new one rather than an existing one.

Let me send you a private message to get a few more details

Many thanks look forward to your PM

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