Credit note not accounted for in project balance

The project foyle-clean has a credit note assigned to it that’s showing in the purchases list but it’s not being accounted for in the balance. The original purchase invoice was allocated to a different project, but I need to allocate the credit to a another project. Your system allows me to do this but it’s not accounting for it correctly in the project balance. I can’t work out if the original project balance is correct because it’s only showing the original invoice and there’s a problem with the project balance anyway.

I can see 1 credit note in the project for foyle-clean and this does appear to be included in the purchase totals figure. Where do you see an incorrect project balance? Are you able to provide any screenshots?

Sorry glenn, my mistake. I could have sworn that the balance of purchases didn’t include the credit, but it does.

However the issue I do have is with the ‘titsey’ project showing that I have paid more than I’ve purchased. Can you explain how this could happen?

Ok great, regarding the other issue I have passed this to an engineer. It will get picked up tomorrow and I will report back.

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