Credit Note Tagging to Bank Transactions


I am struggling understanding your credit note system. I have an entry in my bank for a purchase from a diy store. That has been tagged and matched nicely. I have a seperate refund receipt which I dont want to associate to an invoice. It is a stand alone refund and shows that on the bank statement on a seperate line.

How do I enter the my refund receipt (credit note) or do I alternatively tag the entry on the bank statement? Confused!


The usual approach for creating a credit note is to find the original purchase record for which this is a refund and use “credit note” under the “more options” menu. But for an actual refund (as opposed to a credit you hold on account to offset against future purchases) you can simply enter it as a normal purchase but with a negative amount. In either case, enter the appropriate amount and details and set the date as when the refund arrived in your bank account, and when you save it you’ll have the option to select the bank account for the refund.

This will create a duplicate pre-tagged transaction on the bank account side, but you can safely delete the untagged one.

And you can attach the scanned receipt to the credit note via the receipt hub in the usual way, you just need to enter the amount as negative (with a leading minus sign) to make it find the credit note entry.

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