Credit notes (again ...)

I THOUGHT that a few months back I saw something which said that you had dealt with the issue of credit notes not being treated correctly. However having just tested the functionality again it is STILL insisting on generating a refund when I issue a credit note (which obviously isn’t how the real world works).

Am I missing something obvious in settings or similar please to enable this functionality?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @keithn

Can you let us know the steps you are taking please, and some details about the invoice?

For example, is the invoice paid in part, or paid in full?
How are you creating the credit note? Is it for the full amount paid, or only part?

Hi Matthew, thanks for getting back to me.

No, the invoices aren’t paid in full. The client will sometimes issue an invoice for work which never happened (they bill in advance, and if the customer doesn’t pay then the isn’t done and a credit note is issued), and some of them are for small unpaid balances (eg PayPal or foreign payment fees which my client decides to swallow - in Sage we would just treat this as a discount, which it allows us to post on the fly when inputting the receipt). Occasionally they might issue a “gesture of goodwill” credit, ie “here is £200 to offset against future work you give us” (similar to what you do with your “free £10 credit for testing” offer).

So ideally what I need is for the credit note to be posted as simply a “negative invoice”, the way Sage etc. have always treated them.

What they are doing at present is that the credit note is issued in the normal sequence of invoice numbers, so eg QF004, QF005, QF006 etc. would all be invoices and QF007 would be a credit note. This is something I was also trying to work out: is there any way to assign a bespoke number to a credit note please, because at present as soon as I try to post a credit note it gives it number CN0001 and this doesn’t seem to be editable?

As I said: I am only asking because I am sure I saw something a few months back saying that you had changed the way this works. If that is not the case it isn’t a problem, as I know you have stated previously that it would require a major re-write. It would just be nice to be able to migrate more of my clients to QF as it works SO well in so many other ways.

Many thanks

Thanks @keithn.

Entering a negative invoice should certainly work. If you just enter the lines as negatives, it should present you the options of either creating a refund, or holding the funds on a supplier account as a prepayment

Things like “gesture of goodwill” would be posted in the same way, so the credit is sat on their account ready to be used for a future invoice (although you could enter these as a simple discount line, if you prefer).

I’m not 100% certain on the specifics of this, and whether there has to be something in place to give you the option of both refund or holding, which is why I asked about the situation regarding part paid etc.

That’s correct. The credit notes are automatically numbered and aren’t editable. Sorry!

Thanks. Yes, the option to hold it on account is just what I need to be able to do for all my scenarios, but I am not seeing that option? Screen print below.

Can work around the credit note numbering issue, for me that is just a “nice to have” (but might be worth considering adding that option for future rewrites as a lot of companies use sequential numbering as a completeness check).

Just noticed that your screen is for a purchase credit. I am talking about sales credits (just in case there is a difference).


Hi @keithn

My apologies - I missed that!

At the moment sales do have to be posted to a bank account for the double-entry. I will however pass this feedback to our team.

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