Credit notes of purchases BUG - Foreign currencies appearing straight in GBP

Hi Quickfile People,

We’ve discovered a bug when crediting Purchases in foregn currencies. All through the process it appears that the amount denominated in foreign currencies (HUF in the below example) is converted into GBP, however when looking at the account where the funds were refunded to we find the exact amount of the foreign currency in GBP. 22,500 HUF as 22,500 GBP in the below case

As far as I remember we had the same problem when crediting Sales, but that has been fixed.

Please see the example:

I tried to reproduce it and the same thing happens every time.

Thanks very much for your help in advance.


Thank you for providing the details, we’ll take a look at this and report back later today.


Just to let you know, this should now be working as expected.