Credit notes refund

Hi, I have been refunded an amount that represents an over payment over several invoices. I went to tag the refund from the bank account but it tells me there are no qualifying purchases to credit the refund too. the refund is for hundreds where the invoices the credit is from are all less than 100.

How do I go about tagging this?


you could use a dummy bank account within quickfile. Transfer the refund from your current bank account to your dummy bank account and tag it as a transfer between accounts. Your dummy account should now show the refunded amount.
Now, go to the invoices (one after one) which have to be (partly) refunded. Click on More Options and after that on Credit Note. Mark it as refunded from your dummy account. When you have all involved invoices done your dummy bank account should be back at zero (level with the refunded lump sum)

Hope that helps

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