Creditors Control Account charges in Bank Account


I think I have deleted the Creditors Control Account from the dashboard. Now when adding credits to that account the system charges them to the Bank Current Account. Is there any way I can solve this?

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You can’t delete the creditor control account as it’s locked. When you say “adding credits” where are you doing this? Can you provide more detail on your steps?

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For example, when receiving a bill from a sub-contractor:
Sub-contractors Dr 1000
Creditors Control Account Cr 1000

Then when the bill is paid, how do I journal it?
Creditors Control Account Dr 1000
Bank Account Cr 1000
If I do this and record a payment to that invoice, both are included in the Bank Account resulting in a double payment.

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You don’t need to journal the creditor control account. When you log a payment to an invoice Quick File handles all this for you. See for yourself… create an invoice then assign a payment, you will see the creditor control account being credited and debited again.

Thank you very much for your help and rapid responses!

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Does any expense need to be journalized then?

It’s not required, see the example here:

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