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Creditors Control account in current assets


On my chart of accounts the Cred Con Acct is numbered 2100 and appears in my Current Assets. Should it not appear in Liabilities? How do I move it please?


Hi @fanny159

The chart of accounts would only show you the data between the two dates specified (often the latest accounting year, unless changed). If you have received a credit note for example during this period, it may affect your balances in this way.



I have actually this issue quite a lot. If you go into purchases > view suppliers. Then click the orange button saying advanced search, you should see a tick box stating “prepayments”. Click this then submit search.

This should add a column into the table below. If you click the arrows next to this then it should show you a list of all the prepayments made. This is what is causing the issue.

You need to create invoices to match off against all the unallocated payments.

I hope this helps but please drop me a message if you need any more help.

Kind regards,


Thanks Chris - will try it - that is really helpful thanks.


Glad I could help :slight_smile: