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Creditors Control Account - incorrect value

Hi I have processed a year end for my client and as of the end of her accounting period 30/06/2019 she owes 1450 to creditors however on my trial balance 30/06/2019 there is a balance showing of over 10k. Please can someone advise how this is happening. We have since added invoices from july 19 onwards. Could these be being accounted in? I would appreciate any help with this as I literally have nothing outstanding before 30/06/2019 apart for 1450. Thanks in advance

Is it Debit balance 10K on Creditors Control Account?

no its a credit balance

Any journals direct to Creditors Control Account causing the difference?

There is an opening balance journal for the 17/18 period of 6609.50 credit

If you go to historic debtors/creditors report, insert date desired and run report, click on export data, you can see excel csv file, it will give you breakdown of any prepayments, journals etc causing the difference on both debtors and creditors as per TB and historic report. This is good starting point to troubleshoot

thankyou so much. I have never found this report until now and it has the answer. Thankyou for your time

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