Credits on Sales Account

I take a deposit and rent out per month. At the end of the term the account has a zero balance. I issue a credit against the original deposit invoice (in a liability account) and hold on account (as not paid out yet). So we are due to refund the customer, but it does not show anywhere. I would have thought it would come up in the “debtors report” as a minus or at least as a negative balance in the clients list.
Am I missing something??

Hi @jm23bg

If it’s being held on account, this would be treated in the same way as a “prepayment”.

If you view a client / supplier record, you will find all the prepayments displayed there. You can also go to View >> All Payments from there and do an advanced search for payments that are Unallocated.

Additionally, you can view all payments by going to the sales or purchases menu and select All Payments from there.