CRM Integration

Ohh that would be nice a crm integration, especially if it supports iMail integration too.

We did have an active thread on the old forum regarding CRM integration.

CRM Integration for Quick File

We can continue the discussion here. Just to summarise our position on CRM, this is certainly not an area we want to commit our own resources to and are instead looking at the option to integrate with a 3rd Party.

The whole CRM domain is very loosely defined and encompasses a huge range of different functions. Right now we are looking for some sort of consensus on a single vendor to work with. My view is that Google Apps offer the most useful toolset for small businesses and they have excellent APIs for integration, other views on this subject are welcome and encouraged.

I’m not really in to being ties to google for crm, how about one of the open source crm program’s I.e sugar crm, or vtiger or the likes?

Sounds good but we would need backing from a decent number of users to move forward with any platform. That’s one of the reasons this subject has languished over that last couple of years.

I’m guessing which ever CRM System you decide to integrate with will still be quite messy, I can’t see one being as clean and user friendly as Quickfile!

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Hi Glenn

reposting as requested

Is it possible for QF to connect to CRM , especially this one:


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If there are enough users to support this we will look at this further.

I would just like to add my own +1 for a connection to Capsule CRM. I started using this CRM because of a thread on the old forum. I love QF and I love Capsule, so it would be great to get them working together. Ideally it would be a two-way sync of invoice and customer data.

Whilst we’re at it, I have been longing for a way to get a “single sign on” process with my Wordpress-based client portal. My ultimate aim is to have everything running through wordpress, rather than each client having 4 different sign-ons for our portal / support system / accounts etc.

Another CRM that i see cropping up lately is Insightly??

Will check out Capsule aswell though!

How about integrating with a SaaS Integration Partner like:

Or how about:

We’ve been looking into Zapier and it’s our preferred option so far. Our first priority will be to look at syncing the client and supplier records with GMail. There’s a discussion on Zapier here:

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Hi All

You’ve probably noticed it already but I can’t see any comments on here suggesting it, but I have just compared the likes of Capsule CRM and Zapier, and if QuickFile was to integrate Zapier, they could actually allow the integration of Capsule CRM anyway!

It seems that Zapier will cover many different options and systems. You just need to ensure that the action you wish to perform is a type of “Zap”.

Sounds like a very interesting system!

I would like to give my “+1” to the integration of any CRM system though. It would be a very useful feature to have.

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Zapier covers the long tail of integrations. I don’t think it’s a silver bullet though, still a lot of manual configuration to setup each specific trigger and action. The other thing we need to think of is how we control costs with Zapier, it’s not a free service so we’d need to limit it’s usage in Quick File. We haven’t really explored these problems in detail as of yet but we will update the Zapier thread when we’ve had a good look.

I think this is the most relevant to bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news on the matter?

I was looking at commitcrm and others but I’d like to carry on using quickfile. Would be so nice to have integration :smile:

Integration with a CRM program or Zapier?

We are definitely keen to integrate with Zapier and this should be something we can implement later this year. We have no plans to integrate directly with any CRM system, there’s no one system that is used by a large majority of QF users that would justify the amount of work needed to create an end-to-end integration.

another one for capsule if its possible

Capsule are already listed on Zapier therefore as soon as we are connected to Zapier this should work.

For anyone interested, we are now inviting users to test our Zapier integration. Please PM me if you would like an invite.

It works with a number of popular CRM applications like Capsule and SalesForce, there’s a full list of supported applications here.

I’ve posted a bit more info regarding Zapier on the main thread.

Hi Glenn,
I don’t know if I come in too late in this topic, but please, could you send me an invite to test Zapier?