Currency Payments


I have a purchase invoice in CHF but I have paid that from my EURO a/c. But now when I am trying to log the payment against that invoice, it does not give me the option to choose EURO a/c.

Please suggest how should I clear this payment?


QuickFile can’t do payments directly from one foreign currency to another, you need an intermediate GBP bank account. You’d tag the money out of your EUR account as a transfer to the GBP account, then make the CHF payment from there, overriding the GBP payment amount to match the amount that was calculated from the EUR transfer.


Thanks for the reply.

Is there a possibility to add that feature in QF? As I have many invoices which are similar to this. They are all in different currencies and I need to make payments through EURO A/C only.

By using GBP a/c as an intermediary, it creates lots of confusion. And in future, I won’t be able to link the original transaction, as well as it is a lengthy process.

There has to be some other way. Kindly check.


Hi @kuntal

Generally everything is done in GBP as QuickFile is only designed for UK based businesses. It’s not often these types of businesses receive money in one foreign currency and pay it into a bank account of another.

There isn’t any other way of recording these types of transactions at the moment - there’s a few topics on the forums about this already. You’re welcome to start this as a feature request, but at the moment GBP is our primary currency.