'Current Account' link loads wrong page

If you click ‘Current Account’ on the bank dropdown, it loads the bank overview rather than the current account.

However, if I click on it when on the bank overview, it seems to load the correct account.

Looking at it, it does appear that the linked URL is different, on the dashboard for example, the link goes to: https://xxxxx.quickfile.co.uk/secure/bank/statement.aspx?nominal=1200_Current

But on the bank overview, the linked URL goes to: https://xxxxx.quickfile.co.uk/secure/bank/statement.aspx?nominal=1200 (no ‘_Current’)

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Yes I see this.

It looks like it’s happening on the newly updated areas, dashboard, sales, purchase and payment views. We’ll get that looked at today.


Marking as “Solved”, this should now work as intended.

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