Custom client fields within the invoice template

Hi All,
I’m a newbie to this site and am in need of some info, hope you can help!
What I need to know is if there’s any way to add extra fields (or work arounds) in the client record which are to be shown on the sales invoice as the company is a garage who needs to add vehicle details to each invoice. Whilst I can use the reg number as the account number I still need to specify the make/model, and mileage.

Many thanks


You can do quite a lot visually with the invoice using the CSS editor. In terms of additional fields, this is not something we currently support, although to get around this I’ve seen many users set out those customisable fields in the notes section, for example:

You can set this template as your “default notes” in the invoice customisation section, then this will get imported into every new invoice you create.