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Custom Delivery note for VAT Margin scheme customer

Looking at using QF for working with the VAT margin scheme - As per a recently closed topic also mentioned, a fairly easy workaround is to create a 2 line invoice with the purchase price at 0% VAT and gross margin at 20%, ticking the box to allow entering totals inc of VAT - Sorting out your MTD requirements easily (esp if you fill the Purchase Reference box to refer to the PO for the original product)
The downside of this is that you can’t give or send that Invoice to a customer - needing some sort of duplication of effort outside of QF.
I was then thinking that if the Delivery note could be customised a little more, all the data is there and it could be made into something that could be sent to a client - or maybe a 2nd version of it in case people also needed delivery notes.
I have to say that VAT Margin + MTD seems to be something that your competitors are failing miserably at! is this a possibly simple solution?

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