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Custom fields for invoices

Would it be possible to add some custom fields to the invoices that would also be visible/editable from the invoice management page.

We are finding that we are using QF more and more but it would be invaluable to have a feature to say:
-put in the source of an order
-the status of an order
-did we purchase stock etc?.

I know we could use project tags or something, but that all feels very buried in the interface.

I’ve played with this pulling the data out of QF via the API but it feels like im just duplicating everything.

I would be happy to even pay for a feature like this as it would save us so much time.


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Hi Steve,

Are these fields required at item level or invoice level? By that I mean do you need the data in a column on the itemised section.


Or extra fields up in the top right?


It’s not likely that we will be able to support extra columns in the itemised section, mostly due to space constraints and the wide range of data types that users will invariably request.

Allowing for additional fields in the top right has come up before and is something we may consider, although unfortunately I can’t provide any fixed time frame on this right now. Your interest however has been noted.

It would be at the invoice level but viewable/filterable from the invoice management page as additional columns.


Hi @QFMathew, I just wanted to add that the ability to include custom fields in the top right section of the invoice would be very helpful. For example, when contracting, I think that it would be useful to be able to add the period covered by the invoice. Even just the ability to add generic ‘notes’ to this section would be very useful, but custom user-definable fields would be even better.


I too would love this feature.

@DesignStitchSew - our workaround is this in the default invoice notes section:

<B>Event Venue:</B>

<B>Event/Hire Date(s):</B>

Which looks like this when complete:

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I just wanted to bump this thread to see if there is a roadmap in place for adding custom invoice fields in the future?
For me it would be very useful to have a custom column to log dates of sale within an invoice as some invoices are generated after the actual dates of sale.
For example if a single invoice is submitted to the client on the 10th February 2018 but the various points of sales might have been.

01/01/18 - Design Services rendered
02/01/18 - Engineering Services rendered
03/01/18 - Maintenance Services rendered
03/01/18 - Materials

Also when it comes to end of year I take it Quickfile assumes the point of sale was when the invoice was submitted/sent?

If that makes sense?

Hi @lloydbc

Nothing has changed here I’m afraid. If this suggestion gains enough interest from the community then we can certainly consider it, at which point the thread will show up as “Under Consideration”. If it does move into our planner, then it will be moved across to “Planned Feature”.

Regarding your query about the dates:

Do you use the “Item” column at the moment? A common situation is to use this for dates. You could even change the heading on the actual invoice with a bit of CSS, should you wish to.

The “Invoice Date” is what’s used for reporting. There is a setting to update this when an invoice is sent if you’d prefer that? This can be found by going to Account Settings >> Advanced Features.

I’d like to bump this request as well. Being able to custom fields at the invoice level would be helpful and bring more attention to shipping information such as a consignment note (small string text field) and maybe start date (date field) and end date (date fields) that relate to shipping dates and not the invoice date.

hi @BSI,

There is now the option to Vote for a feature that you would like. If you click on the heading it will take you to the top where you will see the Vote button.

Thanks @QFBeth,

That’s done.

have a nice day :):grinning:

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