Custom HTML Emails

I am trying to create a custom Email template for sending invoices to customers.
I have been following the standard template using

I sent some test emails to myself to find that the emails do not style correctly.

There is a massive gap between the top of the email and the first line of text (Dear Customer)
and then between each html tag there are large gaps.
Essentially an email which should be a few lines long ends up 3-4x the size that it should.

Hi @Paul87

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues here.

While I’m unable to say for certain why this is happening, there are a few things to check and bear in mind.

HTML for email is quite different to the HTML used on webpages. Although it’s the same language email is typically a behind in terms of what it can support. This also ties in to the email client you’re using. What software do you use for email? For example, are you seeing issues in outlook, Gmail, etc?

If you’re stuck, we can certainly take a look to try and advise on issues, although we may not be able to correct them for you. But let me know and I’ll see what we can do for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @QFMathew
thank you for getting back to me.
I use Thunderbird for emails.
I am using the same template style that I always use and never had any issues before.
Is there anywhere I can see the main template that quickfile uses as the email template which I add seems to get wrapped in a predefined template which you use.

That would allow me to create my template inside the one which quickfile uses, then knowing that there should be no clash.

@QFMathew I think I found the problem.
The default template which QF uses seems to add <br> tags in after <div>, <tr> and other tags.

I have amended the template slightly to account for this and it looks better but not quite what I’m after as yet. Is there any way to prevent the system automatically adding <br> tags?

Hint - this forum uses markdown, if you want to talk about HTML tags in your posts you will need to wrap them in back ticks, e.g.

seems to add `<p>` tags


seems to add <p> tags

Hi @Paul87

I’ve edited your post to show the HTML tags.

Do you have an example of where you’re seeing this? We’re aware of users with their own email templates and haven’t experienced any issues, but happy to take a look for you.

@QFMathew I have been sending the emails to myself to test.
Using thunderbird to view the emails they are massively stretched. I then viewed via webmail so that I could inspect the HTML.

And as mentioned, the ‘br’ tags seem to be added to create a padding inside div, table, tr etc.

As far as examples, I have emails which I could forward on?
I use a standard template that I use for all my emails, so I know that the template does work elsewhere.

Just a quick check - do you have literal new lines in your email template? I don’t mean the <br> tags, but more of a new line when you press Enter for example.

@QFMathew well I have wrote the html using standard indentation, I have not wrote it all inline if thats what you mean?

It’s certainly worth trying it on one line (you can find a minifier online to do this quickly).

Certain parts of QuickFile do count a new line as a <br> tag.

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