Custom journal line sort order

Hi, I created a journal with 23 lines and when I saved it the order was jumbled. Is there a way to sort or maintain the order of lines within a journal? What is the default sort order anyway? I can’t see any logic to it.

Hi @Nurg

I just want to check this with our development team to ensure I give you the right information. Unfortunately, this is likely to be Monday now.

I’ve set myself a reminder to pick this back up then.

This has been bugging me for quite some time so I too would like to see it maintain its order as entered. And possibly have a facility of changing the order then when saved it keeps that same order

Apologies for the delay here @George_H and @Nurg.

The journal should save in the order it’s entered. If you’re seeing something different, please let us know and we’ll take a closer look. You’re welcome to provide specific details in a private message if that helps (just click my name and then click “Message”)

The behaviour I’ve seen in the past is that when I initially create a journal it saves the lines in the order I entered them, but if I subsequently edit the journal and add more lines those extra lines don’t necessarily stay where I put them.

The ordering is based on a line ID which would be issued in sequence (line 1 would be 1, line 2 would be 2, and so on). So adding new lines to the bottom would give them a higher ID than the ones at the top.

If you’re not seeing this behaviour, please let us know with an example and we’ll happily take a look at this further.

Glad to see I’m not the only one bothered by this!

I think the problem is that you can insert new lines anywhere but that they will have a higher ID and effectively be moved to the bottom next time the journal is saved/loaded/refreshed. At the very least, the option to insert lines needs to be disabled to prevent confusion.

We really need to be able to insert and move them up and down. The order is sometimes crucial for readability.

We can certainly consider adding this in. I’ve changed this to a feature request for the time being, and we’ll let you know if anything is changed here.

I often copy a previous journal and edit its values, add and delete lines etc.
So keeping the order shown on screen when saving is important for clarity, especially the more complex journals for example: Asset depreciation, disposals and write off’s journal, needs to stay grouped by asset.
And also being able to change the order of a journals lines would be a useful feature

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