Custom P&L for LLP


I use QF to manage the finances for an LLP that has two trades / professions. I am aware that the year end Companies house & HMRC submissions for the LLP have to show the split between the two trades. Currently I keep track of the two via ‘Tags’ that when I look at ‘Projects’ it shows me separated sales and purchases for each.

What I can’t seem to achieve though is a customised P&L report based on these same tags. Is that possible or do I have to have two separate QF businesses even though they operate under the same LLP umbrella?

Hi @Bluesden,

If you go to Reports > Projects and then view which project tag you want to see, there is an option to view a P&L for the tag there:


Hope this helps

Awesome! Thank you @QFBeth, that’s going to make my life SO much easier at year end.

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