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Customer Credit notes (this time for a change)


can you add for constancy the ‘hold on account’ option available below when you raise a credit against an invoice to the same activity if you just raise a negative value invoice (credit note) in the new invoice function?

Hi @aos,

When you raise a credit note against an invoice this will reduce the balance of the invoice so there would be no need to hold any credit balance on account?

The request was the other way round - it is possible to hold on account when deriving a credit note from a paid invoice, but not when creating an ad hoc credit note (a “new invoice” whose value is negative).

The workaround at present is to “refund” from a spare bank account such as director’s loan and then immediately create a new prepayment for the same amount on the same bank account to balance it out, but it’d be nice if this intermediate step were not necessary.

One of about 3 occasions today where I think transactional accounts would be better than all this credit note nonsense.

This needs to be fixed, the current credit account handling makes people ill.

I’ve been banging on about this for years now.

There seems to be a complete myopia in the Quickfile team when trying to understand this issue. Where this blind spot manifests is the way in which organisations handle credits (either purchase or sale) between each other when they offer each other credit terms (eg pay at end of month accounts etc.)

The demand that the credit be applied against either a purchase/sale or have a bank transaction attached to it is NOT how organisations actually handle this situation.

I see how a purely accounts system would view this as reasonable to resolve a credit but Quickfile is not just an accounts package or indeed just used as that it is a purchase and sale control system as well.

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I’ve said this before but the handling of credit notes and the requirement for a credit note to be keyed against an existing invoice is something that is working at quite a low level and cannot be easily changed without extensive refactoring. I appreciate that these things seem like they should have a simple fix, but I can assure you that is not the case. The decision to make these changes need to be weighed against the number of users who are processing high volumes of credit notes and the associated development / testing costs to get those changes implemented.

There are some potential ways in which we could solve this and we’ll certainly review the situation once we’ve completed work on some of the more pressing areas that must be resolved before the 1st Jan.

It’s just a nightmare when Credit Notes enter the arena either for sakes or purchases.
I don’t understand the logic of them having to he be applied to this by or by that invoice or refund.
Most businesses, as previously stated, do not operate this way. It is so complicated.

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I’m not suggesting that it is a simple fix at all. I am suggesting it is an absolute nightmare to deal with though. Literally gets me rocking in a corner weeping every time I send something back to a supplier and get a credit note. I’ve actually ended up keeping things I don’t want just to avoid the hassle of credit notes and then having to check on other staff as balances in the invoice management area don’t tally either then.

I would much rather you fixed this whole thing rather than adding mobile apps and rewriting the dashboard. There are 1 or 2 things that some users think are a dealbreaker, I’d like to see those fixed before new features are piled on top.

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I have to agree. I dread any time I have to process a credit note, it could be a part refund with a bank credit or it could be a reduction in what’s paid or just simply a credit note that clears off the invoice and no payment was ever made.

Each time I have to stop and think right which way do I need to do this now.

We’re looking at few different options this week. There may be a way we can allow generic credit notes to be created and held on account. This would bypass the requirement to have a credit note that can only be derived from an existing invoice.


For anyone who is interested in this, we are testing a type of credit note where the funds can be held on account rather than being refunded.

If you would like to give this a go, send your QuickFile account number to @QFSupport and we can enable it for you.