Customer Discount in Chart of Accounts

I am applying a discount to a customer invoice but it is not showing in the Chart of Accounts which I would expect. This is what I did:

  1. Created new account called Discounts under Direct Expenses and allowed the code to be used in sales invoices
  2. Created a new item in the Sales Inventory and set the category to the account above
  3. Added the discount line to the invoice and put in a negative value for the discount
  4. Marked the invoice as sent

So, the invoice is showing the correct amount due and I can see the sales amount in the Chart of Accounts, but I can’t see the discount value. Have I missed something out?


Can I just double check - are you using the percentage discount option (above the invoice lines), or using the discount line as the only discount?

If it’s the discount line, is it set to use the correct nominal code?

I am using the discount line. I believe I have set it to the correct nominal code - the one I set up under Direct Expenses.

When editing the invoice, if you click on the little cog on the invoice line itself, is it set to use the correct nominal there?

If it’s a direct expense nominal, you will also need to allow it to be used on a sales invoice (modify the nominal and tick the box for sales invoices).

It may be worth nothing that there is a nominal already for discounts - 4009 Discounts Allowed

Thank you - all sorted. When I clicked on the cog it wasn’t using any nominal code and I can see it on the chart of accounts now. Sorry thought I’d checked that.

Wouldn’t it pick up which nominal code to use from the Sales Inventory?

It should if it was set up in the sales inventory. If it didn’t change, it may be worth checking there too, just to be sure.

Thanks - I’ll take a look at the Sales Inventory to make sure.

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