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Customer Invoice Upload


I am moving from QuickBooks and transferring data. I have exported my customer invoices, prepared an Excel sheet / CSV as per the QF help and imported them using the Import Data → Import Sales Invoices option.

The first time I tried this I got an error message highlighted in RED which complained about two lines of data not loading. I checked to see if anything had been loaded in the Sales → Show All Sales option but nothing had been uploaded.

My first question is - what happens to the data in QF when an import fails - does it go anywhere or does it just get ignored? I could find no information or reports on this.

I corrected these errors in the CSV and on the second attempt got several error messages in GREEN and these invoices appeared as DRAFT in the Show All Invoices option.

Is there a report I can run which shows what has attempted to be uploaded / with info on errors / warnings?

I cannot find anything in the documentation that tells me what’s happened to my data and the first attempt went into a black hole, the second loaded but I cannot see the warnings so don’t know what to look out for next time.

This has knocked my confidence in QF a bit as I cannot find out what has happened to my data and do not want to create a mess. Very keen to convert from QB to QF so any prompt advice would be much appreciated.


To add to this post - I have just checked my invoice upload and a whole bunch of invoices were missing when I moved them from DRAFT to SENT. Where can I see the failures?

I now do not know what the status of my data is without having to manually trawl through the QuickBooks data and see what has and has not been loaded onto Quickfile!!!

There must be a better way to do this???

URGENT HELP required please as I want to transfer all my data before I have to make another payment to QuickBooks!

Most of the qf team won’t respond till Monday.

However usually if an import fails due to an error, the rest of the import will be ignored. Once the error is fixed the import will work. So no missing data to try and find.

With regards to invoices showing as draft. This will happen by default, you should have ticked the box that said mark as sent when importing.

Not sure what your unable to find, but you should be able to see all sales whether they are in draft or not.

Thanks Paul - now sorted

Hi @ChrisK

Glad you’re sorted now :slight_smile:

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