Customer not receiving invoice emails

My customer has not received the last two invoices I’ve sent.

Yes, I know this sounds like the oldest trick in the book but I’ve sat with him while I sent the invoices so I can verify the problem myself. The copies arrived with me but none arrived with him and are not in his spam folders.

The system has worked fine in the past, and the first three invoices sent to this particular customer arrived no problem, but the last two have not.

Any ideas?

When the system sends emails to your clients we do so through our own mail server but we set the sender address as the one you configure on Quick File (Found in account settings). Some recipient mail servers don’t like this sort of spoofing and will either block it entirely or route the email into the spam folder.

So the first things is to look to see if the email got quarantined into the spam folder or caught up in any 3rd party spam filtering software your client is using. Failing that and as a long term measure I would look at configuring your own SMTP details in Quick File. The following guide will show you how to do this.

Improving Email Reliability - Configuring your own SMTP details

Thanks very much Glenn, that worked and the problem seems to be fixed.

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