Customer Online Link Removal on invoice email


I wish to remove the option for customers (I am a QF end user not accountant) to sign into their online account to view invoice history, this seems to cause more problems that it solves as they often want super access to more features which QF do not offer and i have no time to administer, I just want the invoice paid :slight_smile:

If you could advise it would be really appreciated.



Hi @hollan46

Just to clarify - do you mean things like estimates, statements and the internal messaging system?

It could very well be possible to hide this using CSS, although I’d have to do a bit of testing. But if you can let me know that this is what you’re trying to achieve, hopefully I can advice you further.


TBH i think this should just be in a general not CSS forum. There should be a button to click to remove this from the email that goes out, i don’t want the option to be sent.

The things i want removed are the online access i.e. to view past invoices. I just want a pdf sent, no logging in, old skool.


Hi @hollan46

In that case, you can remove the invoice link from the template and that would prevent it. You could also enforce this further by ticking the “Enforce client login” box on the modify client screen, which would force them to enter a password.

The email template can be edited by going to Account Settings >> Routine Emails. I believe the template you’re looking for is the New Invoice Created template - just remove the invoice link token.

It’s worth noting that if you do remove this link and enforce client login (or just remove the link without issuing them a password), it would prevent them viewing or taking any action through the client portal, including paying for the invoice.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if we can help further.

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