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I have an invoice for the amount of £88.22 from a customer. Have of the order was returned so I created a credit note for this invoice for £47.38.

When tagging from my bank feed the original charge of £88.22 I can find the invoice by paying down multiple invoices only with the actual amount owed now showing £40.84.

The credit from the customer on my bank feed of £47.38 however is not showing up and I get the following message

Supplier Refund

Allocate to Supplier: XXXXX
Allocate to Purchase: Invoices with items posted to more than one nominal account will not appear here. For such cases a manual credit note will need to be applied.
No qualifying purchases could be found to refund against. Make sure the corresponding purchase has been logged before you attempt to process this refund.


How do I tag this.

Hi @gary_c_coughlan

If the invoice you are trying to tag a refund against covers more than 1 nominal code, you will need to credit the invoice first.

  1. Go to the invoice you’ve received the credit for, and click ‘More Options’

  2. Select ‘Credit Note’ from the list:

  3. Complete the information as required. For example, if they’ve refunded only one of the lines from the invoice, you can mark it to reflect this here.

  4. Click ‘Save’ and follow the on-screen prompt. As the money has physically been given back to you, you can mark it as this here:

  5. This will create a duplicate transaction on the bank if you’ve already inputted it (I’m assuming you have as you mentioned you tried to tag it). You can safely delete the duplicate transaction (the one that’s untagged).

Hope that helps!

That is a pain. I create my credit notes on delivery, before they are paid in order to make sure I receive the credits.
Does that me that every time I need to do the following

Delete the credit note that I created before the payment,
go to the document manager & move the scanned receipt back to the receipt hub.
Tag the payment to the original invoice.
re create the credit note after it has been paid & log the refund
Re tag the scanned receipt
then delete the duplicate bank transaction?

Why can I not just tag it from the bank account?

Not at all! If you already have the invoice on the system, and you create the credit note as outlined above, it will reduce the outstanding balance on the invoice.

When it comes to tagging it, you can select the ‘multiple’ option, select the outstanding purchase invoice, and job done!

So, for example. I have an invoice here for £210.00. I’ve received a credit note of £50.00, create the credit note as normal (outlined in steps 1-4 above), and you’ll then be prompted to confirm you wish to reduce the outstanding balance:

I’ve just saved this and my £210.00 invoice now only has £160.00 outstanding.

On my bank record, I’ve got the money out transaction of £160.00, so I click ‘Tag Me!’, and select ‘Payment to a supplier’, and then select the ‘Pay down multiple invoices’ option:

Enter the supplier name and tick the relevant invoices:

And that’s that invoice paid! :slight_smile:

There would be no need to delete and recreate the credit note, as it’s already created.

No, sorry that is not what has happened in this case.
That is normally how I handle it with my monthly suppliers

In this instance
The supplier charged my bank account for the full amount of the invoice. £210 from your example above. but because I had already created the credit note for £50 it paid off the outstanding £160 and put the £50 into the supplier pre payments when i tagged it.

So now the supplier paid the credit into my bank account.
When I tried to tag The Credit Quickfile will not let me.

It seems that by paying the invoice it created a second credit by creating a pre payment.

Why can i not

You can refund credits but you have to do it via the individual payment record rather than directly from the control panel.

If you go to the payment record (either via the overpaid invoice “show payments applied to this invoice” link or via the supplier control panel link to show all payments for this supplier) then it should have a button at the top to “refund balance”.

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