Customer statement confusion

Hello all. Hope you’re safe and well.
I just generated a statement for a customer with some overdue invoices. One invoice (on a 30 day account) is 33 days old and is annotated in red ‘Overdue by 3 days’. However, the value of the invoice shows at the bottom as being in the 0-15 days category. Is this something that I have incorrectly configured?


3 days overdue is between 0 - 15? In guessing.

D’ya know, I didn’t think of that! My previous accounting software categorised the real age of the invoice, not the ‘past due’ age. Many thanks, and apologies for a silly question that should have dawned on me…!!

You’re not alone here. I often get statements from suppliers and have no idea what I actually owe as the bit at the bottom is often used/formatted differently and isn’t always clear whether it is overdue or invoice ageing. I suppose both ways make sense, just needs a clearer heading for the table?

Absolutely Lurch. I was going to ask if there’s a way to annotate the aged section text/title to clarify it better.

Hi @andythornton

As @Paul_Courtier mentions, it is the amount of days the invoices are overdue. This should match your Debtors Ageing Report.

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